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Course Code:  CSPM
Group:  Management, General Management
Offer:  Public & Corporate Classes
Type:  Practical Workshop

Description:  The Certificate is Strategic Planning and Management aims to provide clients with the necessary knowledge, skills, tools and techniques in creating a strategic plan and thereafter monitoring it.  Course includes topics such as business model assessment, vision and mission alignment, values, culture and organization, strategic objectives, goals, initiatives and actions and other topics on planning and management.

Instructor Led:
Three (3) Days, 24 Hours
Online CoursewareNone

1. The participant will receive a “Certificate on Strategic Planning and Management”

1. Analysis
CSPM-01. Understand the recommended approached for market analysis.
CSPM-02. Determine common business facts and analyze.
CSPM-03. Assess current business model.
2. Planning and Decisions
CSPM-04. Create mission and vision and analyze.
CSPM-05. Determine values and strengthen organizational culture.
CSPM-06. Create imperatives, strategies, goals and strategic initiatives
3. Execution
CSPM-07. Develop strategic initiatives portfolio.
CSPM-08. Execute and manage strategic plan
CSPM-09. Review strategic plan performance.

Software Tools & Other Reqts:
MS Office

Instruction Model:
Instructor Led
70% Kinetic
15% Presentation, Group Q&A (Recitation)
5% Written Q&A (Mock Exams)

Training Manual, Food Fees, Nievgen Certificate of Completion, Nievgen Comprehensive Skill Assessment

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