The CERTIFIED SPECIALIST IN DATA SCIENCE course intends to provide the participants with the advanced knowledge, skills, tools and techniques in data analytics and sciences using advanced techniques and tools.

Class Duration:             64 Hours Instructor Led
Homework/Quiz:           76 Hours
Total Credit Hours:        140 Hours
Sessions:                      Four (4) Days x 4 Hours/Day
Prerequisite:                  NONE

Target Participants: 
Business and marketing students
MBA students
Assistant managers
Managers, Senior Manager
Chief Financial Officers
Chief Operating Officers
Business Development Managers


Phase A: Perform advanced statistical and mathematical analysis
CPDS-A01. Analyze data in business operations.
CPDS-A02. Perform advanced statistical process control.
CPDS-A03. Perform hypothesis testing and compare means.
CPDS-A04. Perform nonparametric testing and compare medians.
CPDS-A05. Perform advanced analysis of variance.
CPDS-A06. Perform advanced regression analysis.
CPDS-A07. Perform Monte Carlo Analysis.
CPDS-A08. Perform GRG Nonlinear analysis.
CPDS-A09. Perform Simplex linear programming.
CPDS-A10. Perform evolutionary analysis.

Phase B: Perform multivariable analysis
CPDS-B01. Perform principal component analysis
CPDS-B02. Perform factor analysis
CPDS-B03. Peform cluster analysis.
CPDS-B04. Perform discriminant analysis.
CPDS-B05. Perform simple and multiple correspondence analysis.
CPDS-B06. Peform item analysis.

Phase C: Perform DOE analysis
CPDS-C01. Perform screening design analysis.
CPDS-C02. Perform factorial design analysis.
CPDS-C03. Perform response surface analysis.
CPDS-C04. Perform mixture design analysis.
CPDS-C05. Perform Taguchi analysis
CPDS-C06. Perform surface and contour plotting.

Phase C: Perform time series analysis.
CPDS-C01. Perform trend analysis.
CPDS-C02. Perform decomposition.
CPDS-C03. Perform moving average analysis.
CPDS-C04. Perform single and double smoothing analysis.
CPDS-C05. Perform Winter's Method.
CPDS-C06. Perform ARIMA.
CPDS-C07. Perform autocorrelation, partial and cross correlation.

Phase D: Perform reliability and survival Analysis
CPDS-D01. Perform distribution/censory analysis.
CPDS-D02. Perform warranty analysis.
CPDS-D03. Perform repairable system analysis.
CPDS-D04. Perform accelerated life testing.
CPDS-D05. Perform probit analysis.

Phase E: Perform advance predictive modelling.
CPDS-E01. Perform artificial neural network analysis.
CPDS-E02. Perform partition analysis.
CPDS-E03. Perform bootstrap forest analysis.
CPDS-E04. Perform boosted tree analysis.
CPDS-E05. Perform K Nearest neighbors analysis.
CPDS-E06. Perform Naive Bayes.
CPDS-E07. Perform Support Vector Machines.
CPDS-E08. Perform model screening and comparison.
CPDS-E09. Perform latent class analysis.

Phase F: Use advance visualization tools.
CPDS-F01. Perform advanced embedded charting techniques.
CPDS-F02. Visualize data and deploy online.
CPDS-F03. Use PowerBI.
CPDS-F05. Use Tableau.
CPDS-F06. Use Google Studio.
CPDS-F07. Manage visualization project 1.
CPDS-F08. Manage visualization project 2.
CPDS-F09. Manage visualization project 3.

Phase G: Perform consumer research analysis.
CPDS-G01. Perform categorical analysis.
CPDS-G02. Perform choice and maxdiff analysis
CPDS-G03. Perform uplift analysis.
CPDS-G04. Perform multiple factor analysis.

Phase H. Use Standard Query Language (SQL).
CPDS-H01.  Understand database management.
CPDS-H02. Create SQL statements.
CPDS-H03. Use advanced SQL statements.

Phase I. Use and apply data science knowledge and skills.
CPDS-I01.  Analyze data science case 01.
CPDS-I02.  Analyze data science case 02.
CPDS-I03.  Analyze data science case 03.


To pass the certification process, the candidate must:
1. Attend 100% of the courses.
2. Participate fully on the course activities.
3. Collaborate with the team during class activities.
4. Answer ten (10) homeworks/activities.
5. Complete the competency requirements.
6. Must have camera ON during sessions.
7. Demonstrate good behaviors on sessions.


1. Click on the ENROLL button.
2. Fill up the registration form.
3. Pay the training fees and upload on the form.
4. Click SUBMIT.
5. We will send the training calendar once verified.


PHP 60,000.00 per pax* 
Inclusive of Nievgen certification fees,
certificate printing, taxes and courier fees.
* Please refer to COURSES for updated pricing


The certification is awarded to the successful participants after successful training and assessments, but the certification remains a property of the Nievgen Management Consultancy.  The certification shall and may be revoked if the participant failed to demonstrate decent or professional behaviors, as according to the Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics of Nievgen, after a complaint has been issued and and an investigation is completed by Nievgen Management Consultancy.  Nievgen deserves the full right to revoke the certification after due consideration of facts.


Project Management Professional
PMI Agile Certified Practitioner
PMI Professional Business Analyst
Prince2 Foundation Project Manager
Certified Master Black Belt
Master of Business Administration, HWU
MSc in Electrical Engineering, MAPUA, Cum Laude
BS Mechanical Engineering, UC, With Distinction
BS Electrical Engineering, PLM, Cum Laude


Regular and/or lifetime member of the following organizations:
Project Management Institute
Institute of Certified Professional Managers
Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers
American Society for Quality (ASQ)

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